20220529 Toronto Push Hands Workshop


This video package contains videos from Toronto Push Hands Workshop on May 29, 2022. On the last Sunday of every month, the Toronto Push Hands Workshop will be held.

In this workshop, we trained foundations, various drills for push hands.


This video package includes the following videos:

Making A Fist 20220529

Tile Hand and Sitting the Wrist 20220529

Hook Hand 20220529

Turning The Waist 20220529

Training Positive Circle with a Rubber Band 20220529

Negative Circle 20220529

Using Negative Circle In-With-Elbow 20220529

Front Hand/Rear Shoulder Alignment 20220529

Getting In 20220529

5 Contacting Points 20220529

Hold Tight, Step Out, Go Down 20220529

Open the Elbow 20220529


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