Workshops and Events

Upcoming Events:
Jan 11-14, 2024:Master Chen's Workshop
Past Events:
Oct 8-11, 2022:Master Chen's WorkshopNotes by Kelvin HoPhotos
Mar 7-10, 2020:Master Chen's WorkshopTiger's Back and Bear's WaistTOMAR20-3 Yin Yang
Dec 8, 2019:Kelvin Ho's Taiji Push Hands WorkshopPhotosVideo
Sep 7-10, 2019:Master Chen's WorkshopNotes by Kelvin HoNotes by Rick PietillaNotes by Mark HanleyGreg Private 3Greg Private 4Greg Private 5Two ConceptsThe Three LinesQ and A 1Q and A 2Video 1Empty the MiddleGround Dragon 1Ground Dragon 2
Mar 2-5, 2019:Master Chen's WorkshopNotes 1 by Harshil MeraiyaNotes 2 by Harshil MeraiyaNotes by Mike Lamberti
Mar 2, 2019:Night of Push Hands (Tournament Style)
Oct 22-25, 2018:Master Chen's WorkshopBrennan Yilu correction 2018Toronto 10-2018 1Toronto 10-2018 2Toronto 10-2018 3Toronto 10-2018 4Toronto 10-2018 5Toronto 10-2018 6Toronto 10-2018 8-9Toronto 10-2018 10-11
Sep 21-24, 2017:Master Chen's WorkshopPhotos
Apr 9, 2017:Practical Method Markham Open ClassPhotos
Feb 9-12, 2017:Master Chen's WorkshopPhotosNotes by Brennan Toh
Sep 22-25, 2016:Master Chen's WorkshopPhotos
Jan 14-17, 2016:Master Chen's WorkshopPhotos
Oct 1-3, 2015:Master Chen's WorkshopPhotosNotes by Kelvin HoNotes by Sandy DoeurNotes by Paddy HanrattyFixed Point and Focus of Power VideoFind the Straight Line VideoPivot for Push and Pull Video
Jan 15-18, 2015:Master Chen's WorkshopPhotos1, Photos2Cutting Board Application VideoWaist Hand Separation VideoStretch in Push Hand VideoPositive Reinforcement in Teaching Taijiquan VideoScissors Power VideoToss and Stretch VideoIsolating the Dot on Dantian VideoPower To Hand Training VideoFull And Stretch VideoSolid Connections VideoScissors Power VideoThree Way Split Application VideoSolid in Fist VideoWhere To Aim VideoFunctions of Circle VideoDrive the Posture Through VideoPoints of Fullness Video
Sep 25-28, 2014:Master Chen's WorkshopPhotos
Promo Video

Sep 24, 2014:Master Chen's Free SeminarPhotos
Feb 21-24, 2014:Master Chen's WorkshopDantian and Pivoting VideoGo Around the Centre VideoUpper and Lower Body Yin Yang VideoApplication Tidbits VideoSelf Align and Align with Opponent VideoJoints as Anchor Points Video
Feb 22, 2014:Open House
Sep 19-22, 2013:Master Chen's WorkshopNotesPhotosWorkshop Video 1Workshop Video 2Workshop Video 3
Jan 17-20, 2013:Master Chen's Workshop
Nov 17-18, 2012:Steve Chan's Push Hands WorkshopPhotos and Notes
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