Register and Log in window in Chinese

I noticed that the page view for registering and are still in English.

Please create Chinese version. I think there will be more people registered if the interface is in Chinese.

Here are the text:

Register for this site:     在本网站注册。

User Name 用户名

Email 电子邮箱

Fist Name 名

Last Name 姓

About Yourself有关你

Share a little biographical information to fill out your profile. This may be shown publicly. 分享一点您的信息。这些信息是公开的。
Which student group do you belong to? (if applicable, e.g: Italy, Ottawa, Montreal, Holland, Ireland, Atlanta): 你属于哪个学生组?可以用城市名,例如, 北京,济南等。

Password 密码

Confirm  password 确认密码

Too Short 太短
Hint: Use upper and lower case characters, numbers and symbols like !"?$%^&( in your password. 提示:用大小写,数字和符号!"?$%^&等。
Validation Image:  确认图示

Enter the text from the image. 键入图示上的文字