log in to view option

The current log in to view option for the video coding icon is good. Here are my questions/thoughts:
  1. Can you make the display box smaller, not much bigger than the words? Currently the display box that says "log in to view, etc." are very big for the screen.It's in a big box to simulate the box of the video it is replacing, but I can make it smaller
  2. Since this function can lock partial text in the blog entry, can this be made in a way that it can be used to lock part of the text and video too? I am thinking of using this to create posts that only viewable after payment, without the current two-post system. Does this make sense?

    The user only video function is not locking part of the post but it's a change in the video plug in, what you want here also involve a plug in code, so your text can be hidden by the plug in.