Video assignment and customer assignment

  1. Assign a video to individual customers.
    Currently it is very difficult to do this. The function is there under the Blog post page. The customers displayed are not listed alphabetically and are not displayed according to names. They are displayed according to username. It is very difficult for us to find a customer.
    A suggestion is to have a search box on top of the customer listing. It will be very easy to type a customer name to search for it than to look for it, assuming that in the future we will have thousands of customers.
  2. you can use the browser find function, [command-f]
  3. From user account to assign videos to the user.
    Currently the user account page displays what the user has purchased. This is good.
    But we don't have a way to assign a post to the user.
These two options above will make individualized admin, or customer care very easy.