Chao Xiuzhen

Master Chao Xiuzhen was born in Heze in October of 1940. He is a retired solicitor-general of the Heze government. Currently he is the vice director of "Jinan Zhixing Taiji Shangwu Club", adviser to the Heze Hong Style Taijiquan Shangwu Activities Center, vice chairman of the Peony District Taijiquan Association of Heze. He is included in the Chinese Taiji Who Is Who. [singlepic id=1527 w=320 h=240 float=left]He was a martial art enthusiast since childhood. He was a disciple of Plum Boxing grandmaster Jia Longsheng. He studied Yang Style Taijiquan in 1980. In 1084 he started Chen Style Taijiquan from Master He Shugan. In 1986, he also received instructions from Masters Meng Xianbin, Han Baoli, and Li Xuegang. Later he was accepted by Grandmaster Hong Junsheng as disciple. He has been learning and promoting Hong Style Taijiquan over dozens of years. He has taught thousands of students and has accepted 212 as disciples. He published Grandmaster Hong Junsheng's form photos album and teaching materials. [hdplay file=/videos/MCChaoXiuzhenYilu2010.m4v ]