I was a goat herder!

During the full-time training months in the summer of 2006, Steven was the first one to go for a walk with the goats. We only had three at the time. It was a fairly easy task. You take the leash of the head goat and the other two will follow. Even though, Steven reported that the head goat wouldn't go with Steven. It took some time before Steven figured out that you didn't lead the goat, the goat led you!
I noticed that later Dave was walking the goats and then others. It started out as a joke and eventually became normal. Everyone walked the goats whenever they had time. After all students left in August, I started walking the goats. By that time, we got 13 goats. I tried to observe their behavior from all aspects but taiji was the only on my mind and as a result I saw taiji moves all over the mountain.

First, the feet are very small. The smaller the better the grip on the mountain. They are very sure footed. I was with them as much as I could and boy, there are placed where they could climb! There is no way I could make my way up some of the cliffs with my big-foot (I have very small feet for a human!).