Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Nov. 18, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

Breathing in Practical Method is actually no active breathing.

Master Chen Zhonghua talked about that breath from his father lying down in the last days of his life.

He observed that the lung rose up, and then it went down while the abdomen rose up. The air went back and forth. The bottom line was that it was not like a normal breathing. The frequency of the exchange became longer and longer.

Eventually, the last breath came out. There was some blue liquid at the bottom at the end. This was the burst of the original qi that was given to you at birth by your parents. If at the end, it comes out, one is said to have died in a natural death, and it is very rare.

Breathing from the heaven. Heaven is outside of our body.

e.g. For a partially filled balloon, if you squeeze the air on one side of the balloon, it will go to the other side of the balloon.

Fajin exercise with White Crane Spreads Its Wings. Stretch from the side, no popping of shoulders, no movement on the arms.

For my Cloud Hands, I need to engage the gears (elbow, shoulder, kua). Each does its own thing.

My shoulder was following my elbow at first.

There was no enough activity in the kua. I moved from my ribcage. I should move from the kua, and engage the shoulder and the kua.