Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Nov. 11, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

水功 (慢) vs 火功 (快)

20 趟拳是水功 。慢慢改变身体,不用用力太猛。



Water vs Fire

Water is slow and steady.

Fire is rapid and fluctuating.

Doing 20 yilus is like water. No need to use a lot of power, just let yilu transform your body slowly and gradually.

Training yilu with power is like fire.

Open chest exercise: Lock the middle of the chest, stretch the two shoulders around. Lock the two shoulders, and push the middle of the chest out.

Breakthrough: The front hand finds the rearelbow on a straight line. The key is that the striaght line remains the same initial position and direction, except it becomes longer at the end. If we look at the first fists, they only travel on the same straight line throughout the move.

Now I need to the things in between the front hand and rear elbow to line up, e.g. the two shouldlers, through rotation and stretching.