A recent self-realisation about sinking shoulder


Some facebook comments:
Zaff Ali
Same goes with rock climbing & I will go further there a lot of tuning of the joints & the body is always trying to find a balance on the rock face
Ping Wei
Thanks Fung Chern Hwei for sharing insights of good sound making on violin. Fascinating. Like the whip action analogy.
Fung Chern Hwei
Thank you for sharing, Laoshi. It’s one of those discoveries that looks very tiny (you can hardly hear the difference) but makes a whole world of difference for me as the player himself.
Kelvin Ho: Fung Chern Hwei I was hoping to see/hear the difference between sinking and notsinking shoulder.
Edward Liaw
Very nice, I can see the lead from the elbow, it plucks the string without dragging. Maybe like using a hook to pluck vs to rake.
Steve Doob

Years ago I was a big city cab driver. It went to my head and from then on I thought I was the best driver ever. One day I was driving a high level tai chi master from China to a workshop and sure that he was noticing my superior driving skills. Fin…
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Gora Nebulana
I found TaiJi where ever I go... 👍
Ong Wen Ming
Fung Chern Hwei You look more handsome with sinking shoulder 😁