Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Sep 17, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

First step in the first move:
After the right turn, my left hand is on the opponent's elbow not moving, while my right hand holds the opponent's wrist. Lock my outside, shrink the distance between my right elbow and right kua. This is to fali 发力.

3-count positive circle:
  1. Imagine a fixed point beyond the right hand on the straight line between the right hand and right elbow. Pull in the elbow along this line.
  2. Imagine a fixed point behind the right kua on the straight line between the right kua and right elbow. Open the kua to stretch and extend the distance along this line.
  3. Imagine a fixed point behind the right elbow on the straight line between the right elbow and the right hand. Stretch the right hand out along this line.
  1. Turn the elbow while keeping the hand-elbow line.
  2. Turn the shoulder while keeping the shoulder-elbow line.
  3. Open the kua while keeping the kua-knee line.
Bottom-line is everything stays within its cylinder and only rotates.
Gong is important, Fa is useful.
Gong can't be trained, fa can be trained. Over a long time, gong will come out.
We need 3 dimensions to adjust, and 2 dimensions to fight.
A bullet going through the barrel is 2-dimensional.
Kua-knee-ankle is a triangle, i.e. 2-dimensional.  We push up the kua, the energy goes into the knee, it stretches the calf. The problem is that when we move the kua up, it is not stretch up.
To cut with a paper cutter, the lever stretches out and down on the vertical plane.
Gun powder explosion is a rotation, the bullet travelling inside the gun barrel is a linear action.
The sound made is stifled during fajin.  It is like the stifled sneeze. If it is right, the sound is always the same.