Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on July 23, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

Going down - It needs to be led by the bottom.

Going left - It needs to be led by the left side

Going right - It needs to be led by the right side.

Going up - It needs to be led by the top.

Every move is a pull.


Use hands to hook on to the opponent. Let your bum free fall down, like letting your body weight hang down.
Wiggle the kuas to continuously take the space going downwards.
Don't let your feet hold you up.
The opponent will be dragged down by you eventually this way.

To peel the other person off, my movement must be perpendicular to the opponent's movement.

Exercise 1:

Stick the kua into the opponent (like to pry) with the front leg out.
Lock the front foot, move the kua forward to the opponent like pry.
At the same time, stretch the front hand out and around your opponent and eventually let you hand touch your own mingmen (spine). The shoulder can't not lean towards the opponent.
Exercise 2:
Stay a bit farther away from the opponent.
Put your front foot behind the opponent's front foot.
Your front hand grabs the opponent's front wrist.
There is a vertical line between your front hand and front foot.
We need to turn that vertical line horitonal on a plane.
If the hand is at 12 o'clock, make it 3 o'clock while the foot goes from 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock.
Exercise 3:
Like in Exercise 2, we stretch the hand around the opponent, however, the opponent is resisting strongly. At that instant, we switch this rotational movement to a linear movement, the front elbow goes back, while the front knee goes to the front. The elbow and knee are going in opposite directions on the same plane.
If we start with a linear movement, we can switch to a rotational movement.
Eventually, we can interchange the two ways multiple times very quickly. It's the same idea as wiggling to get in. If a statue is sitting on a sandy beach, we can dig away the sand underneath the statue to let it sink down. To avoid any tilting of the statue, we dig evenly around underneath.