Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on July 8, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

Turning Flower from the Bottom of the Sea
  • Start by standing on one foot, and practice rotation.
  • The right elbow goes sideways while the left arm comes up.
  • The right fist continues to go horizontal, the left fist goes up vertically.
  • One side horizontal, one size vertical. The middle is in the middle of the chest.
  • The fists don't move, they are stretched from the middle of the chest.
Ball Launcher Mechanism

Everything moving to towards a common goal.


This is how the kuas rotate into the huiyin. This is also how the top of the head goes down the back into huiyin, everything shoots up the head.

Exercise 1:

Fingers/Hand do not move. The two elbows squeeze from the side into the center line towards the middle finger tip. The two kuas also open and squeeze towards the finger tip.

Exercise 2:

Two hands up after double downard squeeze, and before Punch to the Ground. Keep the two hands high up. Lock the hands, and knees. Let the kuas drop vertically towards the ground. This must create a stretch internally.