Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on July 1, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

0 - Wuji 无极

1 - Something comes out of Wuji

2 - Taiji 太极

3 - Trinity/Three Treasures/三才/Heaven-Earth-Men/Triangle/精气神

4 - Four shapes Sixiong/四象/东西南北/青龍、白虎、朱雀和玄

5 - Wuxing 五行 (cycle)

6 - Harmonies/3 Sets of 2

External Set:




Internal Set:

Shape/Xing 形 is harmonized with Force/Li 力 (Structural Power)

Force/Li 力 is harmonized with Qi 气

Qi 气 is harmonized with Intent/Yi 意

Intent 意 needs to come out of no intent (intent by nature, nature is not part of human/us).

7 - Seven Starts/Big Dipper/七星

8 - Bagua 八卦 64e+64 (governs human life/body), 128e+128 (governs human intelligence/mind)

9 - Jiugong/Nine Squares (9 is highest)


Philiosopy (traditional) vs Religion (new)

Taiji's cycle is 3: Yin, Yang, and rooted in each other

3D is created by spinning a plane. 3D is created by an action.