Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on June 8, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

Back to the Mar 30, 2021 exercise, there is one part that goes out, and one part that goes up. Eventually, there is a force that goes out and around.
3 types of moves in Taiji: horizontal (rope), vertical (stick), rotational (rock).
If we talk about force,  we need to stay on topic. There is positive force, and there is negative force.
When we sit on a chair, there is gravity that pulls you down, but the fact that you didn't fall down, it is because the chair has force as well that simply matches the gravity in opposite direction.
Chen Style Taiji originally has 6 hand forms, and jian 剑, dao 刀, guan dao 关刀, qiang 枪.
Chen Changxing has passed down yilu, erlu, jian and dao.
Master Chen Zhonghua learned the jian form from Chen Fake's daughter Chen Yuxia.
Grandmaster Feng Ziqiang originally put together shi san kan 十三砍.
Grandmaster Hong himeself does not know jian and dao. His disciple Xu Gueicheng 许贵成 went to Beijing and learned 十三砍 from Grandmaster Feng. 十三砍 is very practical, and it relaxes between moves, and only uses power with the real move when attacking the opponent.  Later on, Master Li Enjiu, and Master Xu Gueicheng together created Practical Method Dao from 十三砍, as 十三砍 was too short, and not suitable for dao form competition.