Practical Method enters Yangshuo Elementary School 20210529

[caption id="attachment_75967" align="alignnone" width="400"] 实用拳法走进阳朔实验小学20210601[/caption]

Yangsuo (Guilin) Practical Method is set to debut at the local Elementary School on June 1st, 2021! This is a video of the students rehearsing for the public ceremony on June 1st.

Chen Zhonghua:
When I grew up in China in the 1960s, Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts including Taiji) was an everyday, every person activity, much like hockey for Canada and Baseball for the USA.
Unfortunately that was lost later on. Today, together with many other like-minded martial artists, I endeavor in putting the art back into the lives of people in China, starting with school children.
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