Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on May 21, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

别 Twist
  • 杠杆的动作。
  • 扭。
  • 搓。
  • 外头两点动作相对,中间一点不动。
别住 Twist to a threshold and get stuck
  • 用别的方法给对方卡住的意思。
  • 两个齿轮交合后,卡住不能动。
  • 力量相等。
别开 Twist to a point that breaks the threshold
  • 在别住后,力量加大或是加上另外一个东西让对方抵抗不住。
  • 左手在对方右上臂前面。
  • 右手在对方左上臂后面。
  • 对方反抗。这就别住了。
  • 用力别住,双方都不能动。
  • 保持上身不动,要卡住对方。用右胯往下、往外走,把对方往外抛。
  • 自己变成木板,木板转起来。在木板上面的东西就会往外给抛出去。
马步  Horse Stance
We use the knees squeeze into the belly of the horse, to create an empty space under the crutch. The empty space acts as a shock absorber for the ride. We can train by squeezing a ball between the knees, and walk around.
Conversion of linear action to rotation
Keep a cylinder around our torse, and a larger one outside of the knees. We rub the knees back and forth to create a rotation on the central axis to allow the energy to travel up and down.