Kelvin Ho reached 35,000 yilus on Apr 2, 2021

The last 5000 yilus were done between Apr 6, 2020 and Apr 2, 2021. They took about a year to complete. The starting of the same period coincided with roughly when the Canada pandemic began. The last Toronto workshop happened in Mar 2020, and Master Chen Zhonghua's Chinese online classes started in July 2020, and the English ones started about 1 month after that. Looking back, although I didn't do more yilus in terms of numbers compared to another year, I definitely spent more time in taiji overall. I attended many more shifu's classes, and getting correction much more often. I started teaching online both in Chinese and English. My mandarin definitely improved if nothing else. The increased Mandarin fluency helped me at work as well. The corrections I got during this period was more subtle and more fine grained. Hearing shifu saying "yes" as I tried to adjust myself through his verbal corrections was the sweetest sound. In order to solidify those corrections in my body and mind, I would immediately teach them during online classes or other occasions. The biggest improvement in this period was body control, and I was able to make more correct adjustments than ever before as far as I could remember. Being able to do it once on the spot did not mean that I could just repeat it, however, it was a very important part in laying down the path for training.

Learning some new things opens my mind to more possibilities, and yet reminds me how deep the well is.