Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Apr 23, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

Turning Flower over from the Sea Bottom
Today, there is a big breakthrough.
The shoulders finally find the kuas in this movement. It was very possibly due to the exercise taught on Mar 30, 2021:
  • Use the kua to push the hand out. Shoulder, kua and elbow are one piece. The hand stretches against the shoulder. This is a very practical push hand move.
This exercise was first taught to me in Iowa in 2018, but I didn't really practice it consistently. Since Mar. 30, 2021, I practiced it about 60 times on each side a day.

Shoulder goes down, elbow goes up and around the opponent, and the kua comes up. I need to catch the opponent between my upper arm and thigh, and then cut the opponent vertically to take out the space between shoulder and kua. Once it is over on the other side, the energy continues to flow along the arm to the fists through stretching. This stretching allows the rotation to cover more area, and results in more power.

We need to get to a point that we can totally be free to use power, speed, positioning. All three must be done appropriately. If another one is missing or not done sufficiently, the overall look and effect will not be correct.

Fist of lifting and hitting: Torso goes down to make the fists go up and around the elbows.
Turning flower over from the sea bottom: Catch horizontally, then vertical to finish.
Sink the waist press the elbow: Catch vertically, then finish horizontally.

Arts and Science are also Yin and Yang.
Arts is breadth. More abstarct.
Science is depth. More specific.

  1. Preparation for an hour
    • As you cover the same lesson over time, the preparation time will be significantly reduced.
  2. Lesson for an hour
    • Just think, but follow what was laid out in the prepared teaching plan.
  3. Review for an hour
    • Review how things were conveyed, and evaluate the effectiveness. Observe what you said and how you demonstrated, and check how the students were copying and following. Adjust the approach as appropriate for next time.
Besides the teaching time, we must practice ourselves in our own time. Teaching is not practice.