Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Apr 15, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

Lock the arms, torso goes down. Lock the torso, pull down the arms. Now there is power.

This is increasing distance. This is switching. This is rotation.

Torso going down without the hands moving makes DF line longer than AC line.

Put the hands on the opponent's chest. Put the rear foot further back. Now there is power.

This is increasing distance.

The length between the hand and the rear foot increases.

Let all the corners be out.

If we have 3 points:
Lock one move two is creating compression.
Lock two move one is releasing power.

Three ways that will cause a student to quit after realizing how simple taiji is:
  1. Why didn't the teacher tell me earlier that it is so simple?
  2. It's so simple, I don't need to do it anymore.
  3. I falsely believe what I do is correct because it also WORKS!
A few things that I held on to for years about taiji:
  1. Rotation may not look like what I think. Rotation only needs a non-moving part, a moving part, and a relationshiop between them.
  2. A lever.
  3. Open triangle (triangle with one side missing) - Single Lock and Double Lock.
  4. Stretch - it requires at least one non-moving dot.