Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Mar 25, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

Exercise 1: Use the left hand to grab the right wrist, stretch the right fingers. This is not just a demonstration, it is the method to train. People often ask Master Chen how to train, in fact, he just showed us. We only need to do it 60 times in each session. Doing it 60 times means to not use too much power, or using the right amount such that you can do it 60 times. When you use the left hand to grab the right, squeeze the armpit to lock the left hand, so that the left hand itself does not move. In order to stretch, we must lock something.

Exercise 2: Six Sealing Four Closing
Rub the front armpit, the left shoulder need to stretch backwards to cause the energy to squeeze towards the right chest. The body action and energy are also opposite to each other.

Exercise 3: Daligong 大力功

Exercise 4: Squat down, feet shoulder width, stretch hand forward as we squat down. Stretch from dantian. Stand up, dantian push against the feet, energy goes back to dantian, in with elbow to bring it back to dantian.

Exercise 5: Positive Circle
Front kua and front heel must be a rod. Rear kua and rear heel must be a rod. First half of the circle, rotate the front rod. Second half of the circle, rotate the rear rod.

Small Frame vs Big Frame (Focus on small movements vs Focus on large movements so things flow)

Old Frame vs New Frame (Start from the inside causing the outside to move vs Start from the outside causing the inside to move) Bottom line is the inside has to move.

Zhan Zhuang (Standing Meditation)

Pebble in the shoe
Step Forward to Ride the Whale: The punch at the end is like a pebble in the shoe. It sticks out with no action.

Martial Salute
Right Palm, Left Fist (Come in peace)
Right Fist, Left Palm (Come to fight/challenge) Nowadays, this is the official Goverment way. The original meaning is lost.