Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Mar 23, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

Maintain two lines (This exercise came from Twisting the towel.)
  1. Head to foot
  2. Front finger tip to the central vertical line on the back
We want to first stretch things out, and then add something in the middle to further stretch a little bit. We must constantly add that little bit of stretch in our training. This is neigong training.


Dantian in the middle, the two kuas are at the two ends. When one kua moves, and the other kua moves in opposite. They cancel each other out, so it's zero. Zero is good for neutralization, but the sum is nothing. Switching makes the non-moving dot from middle to the rear end. This is also known as switching gear, 腰裆转换.. In reality, it is switching the pivot from dantian to the rear kua (in this example).

Using Six Sealing Four Closing as the exercise, elbow comes back (gear 1), switch to use the front kua (gear 2), then switch to use the rear kua (gear 3). By locking the rear kua, the energy will go to the finger tip.

Using Twisting the Towel as the exercise:
  1. Move the hand, then stop
  2. Move the elbow, then stop
  3. Move the kua, then stop
Double heavy is needed to hit someone, but at the same time, it is bad as it allows the opponent to control us. However, double heavy can only happen for a split second to create a hit.