Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Mar 11, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

Put the elbow on the table.

Shoulders goes down to the elbow.

Elbow can't go down because of the table, and it will go to the hand.

Torso only goes down.

The line between the hand and the shoulder must be fixed. This means the triangle among hand, elbow, and shoulder must be fixed.

Practical Method Positive Circle is 3 dimensional. We can see a circle in top view, length view, width view.

One Knee Up One Knee Down Exercise:
  • Fixed the torso
  • Make the torso go down without allowing the knee to move out (we used to allow that at first).
  • Lock the knees
  • Use the downward force to make the calf more stretchy/more rubbery. This is equivalent to the example to the cow leather belt used by Chinese barbers to sharpen the razer. (This looks to me like the idea of fix the two ends of a rubber band, grab two points in the middle, and twist them.)