Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Feb. 26, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

During training (when we are not yet successful), we use extra effort and focus to get it. It is tiring.

Once you are successful, the body gets used to it and will not be tiring anymore. The hair has been combed. The effort has gone through a filter.
Exercise: Use rotation to move a rod (front arm) through a tube.
  • Issue: My front shoulder is still going forward towards the fist.
  • We must put the torso inside a cylinder, such as someone wraps his arms around me.
  • The front armpit needs to be tied to the rear foot.
  • The front armpit is fixed, and the front shoulder is moving.
  • The non-moving part must be bigger than the moving part.
  • At all time, there is something outside the fist and rear shoulder pressing in. The motion will cause a breakout.
  • Push the front shoulder into the line between the front fist and rear shoulder.
  • The front shoulder has both vertical and horizontal intentions.
  • The Front shoulder joint is free, the rest of the body is very rigid.
  • Focus on the front shoulder. When we help someone, we often lose the focus or we never capture the focus.
  • Teaching: First direct the focus to the right place, such as by exaggerating the movement (even including the wrong movement (not the final way we want)). Once that is achieved, then funnel the large movement into the specific target, such as the front fist in this case.
At the end, the opponent is simply afraid of such power and will just go away by himself.

Sink - To pull down from underneath (Think how a heavy object sinks into water)

Cai - Peng is 0, Cai suddenly becomes 100. Differential is created.

Horse vs train competition. Although the horse wins that competition, at the end, it's the train that changed the world.  People didn't see the power of the train at first.

Bullet creates a hole in front of it to pull forward.

Jet engine pushs the air out so much and so fast as if it pushes a wall and bounces the plane forward (Newton 3rd law).