Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Feb. 19, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

Chinese Class
Shoulder and kua must be open to be able to find a relationship.

Yin-yang is a relationship. We train to seek such relationship in different body parts.

Going straight is to hit (打).
Rotation is to avoid/neutralize (化).

open (开) | <-> |, To open is to parellel open (increase the distance between two plates). What we can actually do in the joint is very small. Big joint, max 3 inches. Small joint, max 1 mm.

Applying this concept of open in our actions, let's take fetch water as an example, the opening of the front should be like this. There are two plates at the end of the front hand and rear shoulder. We have to create a parallel opening at the front kua.

Oval object rotation: There is no constant radius. X axis is long, Y axis is short. In this case, rotation creates length. This is mutation (变异).

A joint is not a sphere, rotating it is like rotating an oval.

Spiral is rotation with perpendicular movement.

Daoism is big science. It has a big theory that won't change.

Vibration is an example of the parallel opening repeated very quickly.

沾衣十八跌 - 18 ways to fall by touching opponent's clothing

English Class
Client-server computing vs centralized computing
Confederation vs Centralized

憋过去: Opening a stuck jar lid.

Exercise: Hold up a straight arm. Front shoulder is the middle, pull the rear shoulder backward to power the arm forward. Front and rear shoulders must be connected/related. This is an example of the oval object rotation. This is also rotating a lever. This is a different way of looking at the movement for a triangle with an invisible side.

He talked about the eight methods again.

There is only peng energy used in 8 different ways.

There is only offense in our taiji. If we talk about defense, we have already lost. On the touch, the opponent should have lost already.