Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Feb. 18, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

Chinese Class
When we rotate, if the rotation goes forward, the entire object must move back to balance it.

Rear kua rotates forward, the kua itself must go backwards.

The number of breaths is limited in lifetime. Taoist will make the breath long, and limit the number of breaths as few as possible.

Taoist story, put himself inside an enclosed space. Light a candle, if we limit the size of the flame, the candle can last longer. He needs to keep the fuse as short as possible by cutting it.

If we have progress very quickly, we may not have progress for a long time. The amount of progress within a period is fixed. We need to control the progress, so that we can keep going. Not having progress for a long time is a factor that will make people quit.

We need to breathe in and then breathe out.

We need to start with elbow-in and then hand-out.

The biggest pair: yin and yang.

分 (fen/separate) -> 开 (kai/open) -> 转 (zhuan/rotate)

分 is a concept.

Practice horizontal movement vertically. Practice vertical movement horizontally.

In arm wrestling, we must allow the elbow to be pressed onto the table, then you can move the forearm horizontally a little bit.

We must convert energy (horizontal to vertical, vertical to horizontal). Every conversion multiplies the size of the energy.

Think about drifting, the car continues to go, but the direction changes.
Think about how kayak turns, we put the oar on the right side to create resistence with the water, and the kayak will turn right to go around the oar.

The wheel of a car only rotates, but the tire pushes against the ground, and the car only goes forward.
English Class
In Taoism, there is one thing that cannot be compromised, everything else can be adjusted.

Four ounzes overcome one thousand pounds
Four ounze bo (拨) 1K jin.
拨 means to pull a trigger, to pull, to tip.

Set up the opponent on the cliff, only use one finger to poke.

Never corner a dog.

Ji is water. Water has the property to fill you up.

Ground dragon: Step up without moving the front (left) hand. Step back to pull back.

Our actual movement goes backwards. As a result, something goes forward/gets bounced.

We have no downward move, our brain prevents us from going down.

I found a setup with a high-back chair against the wall.

We don't want to go down when we get older. If we can still go down, we are young.