Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Feb 17, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

Chinese Class
45 degrees vs 90 degrees

90 degrees are theoretical.

We must hit at 90 degrees.

Hit the solid, and never hit the empty.

We must progress like peeling onion.  It can't be in the future we look back that what we learned was totally wrong. It can only be a more shallow level.

Theoretical and practical must be adjusted.

The closer you are to theoretical in our practice, the better we are.

Theory can't be changed due to our actual practice.

We must adjust ourselves over time to the theory. Theory is absolute.

Great speed means as if you hit against a non-moving object.

7-inch knife across the chest needs great speed if the leg is not behind the opponent.

Acquaintence only for people who do not train practical method.


English Class
In positive circle, the leader power changes within the arm. Bottom line, we change the leader to go over/rub around the resistance.

Our movements live in the cracks.

The opponent's movements are unrelated to ours.  They are like they can't see you. They feel like that they are not here.

What the audience sees is not what I focus on doing.

Random Movements -> Regulated Movements -> Start to move -> Start to draw a circle -> Start to turn -> Start to rotate

Rotation = Movement without displacement of space

Art is overall (which means captures everything). Technicality is specific.