Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Feb. 12, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

When we do the correct taiji actions, your opponent will always feel your actions are awkward to him. We just do what we train to do.


Our actions are like on the handle side of a pair of scissors. Your opponent is on the blade side. The rivot is the demarcation.

Master Chen talked about the story with 2 young guys (21 to 22 year-old). Master Chen set up the rules. whoever fell down would lose. It didn't matter how one would fall down.  The opponent agreed on the rules, and would not get a 2nd chance to try.

Howard Jee from San Franscisco sat down very slowly, but the impact happened before that. He sat down before he got whipblashed already. Originally, it couldn't be understood why he sat down slowly would be hurt. It looked like one movement, but the impact happened very quickly, and it was missed.

How to ride the bicycle, step down with one foot, and then step down with another foot. Smoothness comes with a smooth transition. This is 腰裆转换. Energy can only go straight. Rotation can cause change.

Pull the rubber band to a point that can't be stretched anymore, and at that point, put the shoulder into it to break it open.

When we can't realize where the obstacle is, we can never overcome it.

We can only go into the next stage after we have exhausted the current stage, and it won't work anymore, it automatically seeks another way.

Produce a sudden stop from any posture.

Taiji uses the body to show the space, to show the negative/opposite part of what people normally understand/interpret.

When Master Chen is cleaning/wiping a structure, we are constantly breaking the structure instead. He is going around the space, but since we can't see that space, we charge right into it.