Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Feb. 5, 2021 - Kelvin Ho

Chinese Class
Rotation is to neutralize. It will not cause the opponent to feel anything.

Revolution is to attack.

A circle is really a spiral, a point never goes back to the same place.

We must always have a restriction. Sometimes, it looks like a line, it looks a wall, it looks like inside a tube.

Back Fist:
  1. Lock the forearm (Use the other hand to grab and secure it)
  2. Stretch and rotate (like a spiral/screwdriver) against the shoulder, eventually, it will stretch against the kua.
  3. Use the move to train locking the elbow, and stretch around a rod.
Yilu Correction:
  1. Use the waist to finish each move.
  2. Fajin needs to be done at any place.
English Class

Rotation is to neutralize. It will not cause the opponent to feel anything.

3-way split: Only move the hand and foot, the middle has to go down.

Brittle means not enough ability to stretch.

Bamboo snake toy:

Finding the alignment in taiji is like finding the alignment to make the snake toy straight.

Belt Sword: Find the alignment to poke into the tree (Grandmaster Hong showed Master Chen once)

Waxwood Pole: Two people fighting with that stick holding it on each end. Master Chen can rotate the pole at the point of breakage to move it, so the pole won't break.

When we seem to pick someone up, it's because we cause him to jump, and the stick follows him.

河图: 5 is stability (Chryler symbol), 3 (Mercedez symbol).

3 5 7

1 5 9

8 5 2

Rhythm: Hong said we used rhythm to defeat the opponent. Dance uses rhythm to harmonize with the partner.

Push becomes Pull. Push and pull belong to the same dimension. After pull, it becomes suck, e.g. you fall into the hole.

What Hong said didn't make sense to Master Chen early on got stuck with him.

Master Chen is not scientific, although often he sounds scientific. Taoism and science may coincidence in many areas, but Master Chen's thoughts are based on taoism.

If you can find real yin and yang, they will be wuji, and universe will disappear.

Universe exists because there are yin and yang. If you can make yin and yang balance, and they become zero, the universe disappears.

On the surface, taiji is mystical, taiji underneath is real.  We just can't see/detect it.

You stumbled into a new level, you realize you didn't understand it before. This process goes on and repeat forever.