PM Friday Night Practice on Jan. 8, 2021

A practice from the east to the west and the north to the south across the globe.
  • After Punch to the Groin, don't move the fist and shoulder, only move the elbow. The elbow needs to be like scooping ice-cream.That's all the arm does. The waist turns 90 degrees to the left to make the overall scooping action bigger. The common mistake is that we move the arm without locking the fist.
  • White Ape Presents Fruit: The fist should now point at 45 degrees. After the scooping, we must be able to stand on the left leg steadily before present the fruit. We push the chest in and right shoulder down to open the right armpit to squeeze the right fist out. We must not move the fist itself. The right elbow can only go into the line between the right fist and right shoulder.
  • To get to the Small Change Palms Three Times, the right foot leaps out horizontally while the right arm is still at 45 degrees.. These two directions allow us to catch/hit the opponent in between. our structure must be solid.
  • Third Cloud Hands: We walk horizontally (not 45 degrees forward), with the right foot crossing in front.
  • High Pat on Horse: We start at 45 degrees (let's say facing Northwest) with double negative downward squeeze hand out, then negative circle elbow in. Switch to feet by turning left to face Southwest. Do elbow-in to squeeze the right hand out. The right elbow stretches to the left against both feet, hold the elbow in place, stretch the right hand out. The right hand must stretch the right elbow, and continues to stretch against the right kua. Lock that, and open the right kua to further stretch against the right hand and the left knee, both of which should not move. Stretch so much that right shoulder-kua axis can be locked in place. Release the left foot, so that it can spin around the right shoulder-kua axis.  This is related to switching as in this Chinese video:
  • At this point, the right arm and the chest are at 135 degrees. After spinning the body to the right, and it will get to a point where it becomes one piece with the right arm, at which time, they can be tied together and move together.