Wulian Practical Method Year End Party 2020.12.27

五莲分会2020年终茶话会 - 1
On December 27, 2020, the Wulian Practical Method Federation (10 locations) held its Year-End Party and Meeting on Daqingshan.
Wulian is the town where Daqingshan is located. The township is 7 km from the mountain.

The event was organized by Han Rui, Chen Zhonghua's disciple who oversees activities in Wulian. Because of precautions of the Covid-19 pandemic, only branch/location instructors are invited to this event. 40 local instructors are  invited.

Special guests included Chief Instructor Chen Xu, Daqingshan Instructor Qiu Yingdong, Rizhao Branch Head Instructor Pang Chaoli, Rizhao Instructor Wang Kai, and Rizhao Instructor Song Zhenhua.

Master Chen Zhonghua started teaching international students  on Daqinshan in 2006. Local students were accepted starting in 2012. Since then in the local town of Wulian more than 20,000 people have been taught the Yilu form. Currently there are over 3 hundred local students enrolled.

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