PM Friday Night Practice on Nov. 27, 2020

 Fetch Water
  • Lock the front knee
  • Lock the rear shoulder
  • Push the front kua into the line between the front knee and rear shoulder
  • Make sure that train the full range of motion
  • At the tail end, nudge a little attempting to go beyond the current maximum
Knee-kua Exercise
  • Use the knee to control the up and down of the torso
  • Use the kua to control the left and right turn of the torso.
  • Draw a sqaure, and try to reach the four corners of the square
  • Keep the central axis not moving, and draw an oval
"One knee up, one knee down" exercise
  • Make sure the two knees are going in othrogonal directions beside one knee going up, and one knee going down
  • The knee actions are the initiaters. Everything just adapts/adjusts to the knee actions.
  • The torso drops into the hole that opens up gradually as the knees move.
  • Don't try to turn the torso ourselves, especially we have the tendency to use the shoulders to cause the torso turn.
  • Lock the ankles and don't allow them to bend, keep them perpendicular to the gound. This added restriction will require more effort in balancing. At the beginning, we may be falling backwards.