Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Nov. 26, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

What is the seam (缝 feng)?
  • The place between two actions where it needs to change direction (such as, go back).
  • Grandmaster Hong said that we needed to get to 天衣无缝 tian yi wu feng. Heavenly clothes have no seam.
  • However, we can't pretend that there is no seam in the first place, and hide it.
Step Back to Double Shake Feet
  • The front hand must go out when we twist the body.
Jade Girl
  • After Double Shake Feet, there is An (Press). The feet moving forward and the right hand are in different tempo. The right hand continuously goes forward.
  • In push hands, we must have the top going forward, and change the movement in the feet.
  • Use yilu to train the technical things
  • It's application, don't think.  If it does not work. train more yilu.
We move the elbow, and not the forearm. The common mistake is that we think that we move the joint, but we are also moving the limb.
When we need to stretch towards to two end points in a straight line, don't rotate.