Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Nov. 24, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

Rhythm/Sequence of movements

We need modify our bahaviour to cause a real change.
In-with-elbow must cause out-with-hand.  Withdraw is to issue.
Step Up to Punch
  • Master Chen tore phonebooks practicing this move.
  • We must know the key and transitional part of any given move in the form. We are often unclear, and it is shown through our actions.
Buddha's Warrior
  • Tense up the muscles near the spine when raising the hands.
Structural Power
  • PM is based on structural power, and not on speed or momentum.
Front Trick/Rear Trick
  • Can't turn while we hit
  • Rotate is designed to reduce power.
  • Cover more space to be stronger
Move forward vs rotate
  • If we are suppsoed to move forward, then don't rotate.
  • If we are supposed to rotate, then don't move forward or displace the body.
  • Without going forward means that you need to twist yourself.
  • Kao is forward without deviation.
  • Eyes on the target
  • Don't look at our own action
Desynchronized Postive Circle
  • Don't do everything together
  • He composed the individual actions in different combinations.
Daoist Theory
  • There is nothing outside of human ability, but we put them together differently, and that's what makes us unique.  If we analyze it, the individual components are the same.
  • Music is combining the notes differently in a unique way.
  • Think of Lego building blocks. There used to be just a small number of blocks of different sizes. What can be made out of them is only limited by our imagination.  We are at the beginning building useful blocks in our taiji, only when we have these basic units, we can start to see what we can do with them.