Daqingshan 2013 Push Hands Training Photos 2

大青山推手训练2013 - 32
Daqingshan 2013 Push Hands Training Photos 2。

The Daqingshan Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy teaches Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method of GM Hong Junsheng and Hunyuan Taiji of GM Feng Zhiqiang. The Academy was original established in 2006 as Daqingshan International Taiji Training Center. In 2017 it was re-named Daqingshan Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy (DCTA). 大青山推手训练2013 - 22
DCTA is the headquarters of Master Chen Zhonghua's teachings. All local teaching locations are under the direction of the center.

DCTA local schools, branches, and teaching locations teach and promote Practical Method (PM) and Hunyuan Taiji (HY) through out the year. Every year, Master Chen Zhonghua has specialized training session on Daqingshan. They are from one week to three months. Training times are in late January (During Chinese New Year Holidays), May, August and October. Three month full-time training is usually set from end of May to August.

大青山推手训练2013 - 27
During any of Master Chen Zhonghua's training courses, there is always push hands training personally instructed by Master Chen Zhonghua himself during evening sessions.

Below are photos from the 2013 session.

大青山推手训练2013 - 19 大青山推手训练2013 - 20 大青山推手训练2013 - 21  大青山推手训练2013 - 23 大青山推手训练2013 - 24 大青山推手训练2013 - 25 大青山推手训练2013 - 26  大青山推手训练2013 - 28 大青山推手训练2013 - 29 大青山推手训练2013 - 30 大青山推手训练2013 - 31  大青山推手训练2013 - 33 大青山推手训练2013 - 34 大青山推手训练2013 - 35