Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Nov. 5, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

Six Sealing Four Closing
  • The stretch of the elbow against the locked hand comes to a stop.
  • Switch to use the central vertical axis to rotate. When it is done, switch to the rear shoulder-kua axis to continue the rotation in the same direcction.
  • Switch to the front shoulder-kua axis, power with the rear kua to cause the hand to go out.
Block Touch Coat
  • Spring-like Action (Inch worm Action): A must move to B (the middle), and stop at B first, and release C.
  • This relates to the way to go from shovelling the right foot out to right half horse stance.
  • The power needs to go from the left knee to the dantian, and stops at the dantian, and then releases it to the right knee.
  • This is the same in Cloud Hands. We must split the overall action into two halves.
  • This is crucial in generating power.  This is like loading a spring on one end, and releasing on the other.
Positive Circle
  • Out-with-hand: The elbow goes into the hand, like a ball going into the hand.
  • In-with-elbow: The elbow needs to stretch from the hand.
  • The two together work like a telescoping action.
Lean with Back
  • Folding one of the kuas is a common problem at the final stretch of this posture, similar to Embrace Head to Push Mountain.
  • I think that I saw the difference between opening and folding the kua this time. They actually look quite similar on the outside but the internals are different. It is like the thigh and the hip twist in opposite directions.
Double Shake Feet
  • After the jump, don't move the hand. tie it to the kua, and the hand lands with the right foot.
Single Whip
  • Hook hand usage: Your opponent is doing a Left Six Sealing Four Closing to you. at your right elbow. You lock the elbow, and stretch the hand (hook) into the dantian of the opponent.
Way of holding in Practical Method
  • It is like a hand cuff, which catches loosely, but if the opponent wants to move, he can't really get out.
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