Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Nov. 3, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

Chinese Class

Buddha's Warriot Attendant Pound Mortar
  • How to lift the right leg? It has to stretch out and then come back.
  • Many people would make the buttock protrude when lifting the leg.
Block Touching Coat
  • The horizontal move (5th count) in Block Touching Coat is not actually a horizontal move.
  • Lock right kua, move left kua, and then lock left kua, move right kua

English Class

We first continue to do the same simple elbow going up to the hand-shoulder line exercise as on Nov. 2, 2020.

We add another exercise for going down using only the knees.
  • One knee goes up, and one knee goes down.
  • The torso is like a cylinder that just sites on top without movement.  We are trying to take away the support underneath the cylinder, and let the cylinder fall straight down into the hole.
  • The power needs to be at the knees (and not at the kua) for this exercise.
  • If we restrict the front of the knee and the back of the ankle, there is a tube in the calf, and the knee going down will hit the wall, and slide down the tube that way.
  • We also put a restriction behind the kua and in front of the knee, this allows the torso to go straight down.
  • We use tension to maintain the structure.
  • There are 3 vertical lines: from the front knee straight up, between the front shoulder and front kua, between the nose and the dantian. When the torso goes down, it is the like an elevator, and these 3 lines will not change.
In the future, we will come the two exercises. They will allow independent movements horizontally and vertically, controlled by different body parts that don't merge in their actions. Only with that, the hand would appear to move, and draw a square or circle, but the area covered the hand is limited by the extent of the elbow and knee movement.

Master Chen also talked about the captive bolt gun used to shock a cow.  (Ok, this is not a light saber).
Here is a video on how it works: