Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Nov. 2, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

We are focusing on a simple movement from Six Sealing Four Closing.
  • Push the elbow up towards the shoulder and hand line.
  • The elbow is the one that drives out the hand.
  • Don't move the hand itself.
  • When the elbow goes up to the line, the shoulder goes backward into the wall, which bounces the energy back towards the hand.
  • Leader of the movement:
  • If the elbow is higher than that line, the elbow, in that case, needs to go down. In Fig. 1, A is the shoulder, B is the elbow, C is the hand.

When Master Chen asks if you understand, he is asking if you is clear about the instructions and can follow the instructions.

We have a record hight of 47 people in the class today.

Intention is that what you know.

True intention is no intention.

Master Chen still needs to pay full attention to his movements in order to do it right. The highest level is not needing to think about it.

For my form, I need to train using the arms at all, and focus on only using the kuas to do the entire form.