Practical Method is so consistent!

John Upshaw and I met because of Practical Method. He lives in Iowa, USA, and I live in Toronto, Canada. We started to get to know each other through Facebook posts and chats. We first met in person in New Jersey Camp in June 2012. Despite living far apart, we started to train together in early morning on weekends using video conferencing, such as Google Hangout and Skype.  We learned straight sword, erlu, and recently broadsword together. Last night, I stumbled some upon notes I made back in 2013/2014 for the online practice sessions.  Upon reviewing the notes, what we have been practicing remains the same over the years. To name a few, the instructions include:
  1. Out with hand
  2. In with elbow
  3. Don't move, lock, fix something, such as the hand, the knee.
  4. Stretch
  5. Go over
  6. Open the kua
We improve over time in terms of detail and quality of the movements, but we will never be perfect. and the training just keeps going. Such notes allowed me to re-live some of the wonderful memories, and thanks to shifu to keep reminding us to make notes.