Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Oct. 29, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

Chinese Class

Separation of Yin and Yang
  • 先合后开 xian he hou kai - Together at first, separate later.
  • How it separates, the rate it separates can be regulated later.
  • e.g. Six Sealing Four Closing, Punch covering hand

English Class

We need both horizontal stretch and vertical stretch in the form. We focussed on using the kuas in the movements.
Cloud Hands
  • Push the foot into the kua to kick start it.  Movements need to be initiated by the kua.
High Pad on Horse
  • Pull down with the kua, but don't allow the arm to go down. The armpit will open up and cause the arm to go up.
Rub right foot/Rub left foot
  • Use the kua to initiate the turn. The torso must stay within the cylinder.
Buddha's Warriot Attendant Pound Mortar
  • Initiate the rotation from the heel.
Kick left heel
  • Make sure that there is a veritical rod, before we stretch the two arms and kick with left heel.
Punch to the ground
  • Rotate the two kuas to cause the fist and torso to go down. The fist does not move.
Cross Hands
  • Use the kua to transition to Fist Drape Over Body.
Train the form with the arms at all. Focus on using only the kua to do the entire form.