Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Oct. 28, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

Going Over - We focus on this concept in several moves today.

Flash the back
  • After elbow-in, we use the kua to cause the elbow to go over, so that we can grab the opponent's wrist on the other side.
  • The other elbow moves in this move also requires going over to break the opponent's arm at the elbow.
  • Before turning backwards, we just lock the left hand, and bring the right foot over to the other side.
Brush Knee in Oblique Stance
  • Notice how the elbow needs to go over.
  • Right hand Negative Circle - Going over with elbow-in
  • Left hand Negative Circle - Going over with elbow-in
  • Right hand Positive Circle - Going over with hand-out
  • We can also think of it as 3 lines that we need to go over.
Left turn to double push hands
  • Use the rotation to bring the right foot up. Don't just walk up.
How to train the form?
  1. Normal - We learn the form.
  2. Break - We train the form with a focus and ignore other restrictions (break the rules).
  3. Normal - We do the form like normal again (but after stage 2, it's not normal as in stage 1)
Armpits and kuas were left behind meaning they were not trained.

Six Sealing Four Closing
Push hard with the front hand (which can be like an initial punch) until it is locked, pull back to propel the front hand further.
后发制人 hou fa zhi ren
后 can be the back as in front and back.
It can also be later as in first and later.
For PM, the saying 后发制人 means to control the opponent from the back.