How to post your yilu video on

  1. Create an account on YouTube if you don't have one yet.
  2. Shoot your yilu video in landscape mode like the above picture.
  3. Upload your yilu video to YouTube.
  4. In the description of your YouTube video, add the following:
    1. Name: Your name
    2. Location: Where was the yilu was recorded at?
    3. Date: Which date the yilu was recorded on?
    4. Yilu Count: Approx. # of yilus you have practiced so far, please see
  5. Copy the link to your YouTube video.
  6. Create a new post at this website:
    • If you have access problem with this link, please contact Kelvin Ho at, as you will need author access to this website.
  7. Paste the link in the body of the new post.
  8. Edit the title of the post in the following format:
    • John Doe Yilu on Oct. 26, 2020