Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Oct 22, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

Chinese Class

We do our form in a low stance to train gong. When we use it, we don't go so low, because it is not agile enough.

Movements need to be big and long.

The kuas need to be just a bit higher than the knees.Just before Second Closing
  • After Fetch Water, front hand and rear elbow must maintain a line/rod when we poke it through the hole at the knee.
Energy can only go straight. Just like water will go only straight, but when the tube bends, the water will follow the tube's shape and bend. Optical fiber works in the same way. Laser only goes straight, but through refraction, it bounces off the inner wall of the optical fiber. Through multiple refractions, laser can go from one end to the other end even when the optical fiber bends.

English Class

Don't crunch together. We have stretch outwards all the time. Big has 3 solids, small still has 3 solids. 舒展大方。Bud (flower not open) is fine at that state. Full blossom is also beautiful. In between those two states, things are not done yet, something is not right.

Punch to the ground
  • Only rotate inside a cylinder, and use the kuas to rotate, the punch goes down because of the knees.
Germany/Japanese cars vs other-country made cars
  • Precision made the difference. Things that are well made will not fall apart after many years.
As an example, after knowing the choreography, if you are doing 10 yilus, do 9 of them without thinking, do 1 with a focus to tune a particular aspect of the form. Then add that aspect to rest of the form.

Lock 99% of the body, and only 1% comes out. We must train to move one thing at a time, and not allow other unnecessary parts to move.

White Crane Spreads Its Wings
  • Replace the right arm with the left arm on top of the left thigh
  • Keep the left hand not moving during the step forward
Flash the back
  • Lock the hand, move the body to the other side, and then lock the body, and move the hand.