Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Oct. 21, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

High Pad on Horse
  • Rub the torso
  • Only rotate the two shoulders and two kuas
Rub Left Foot
  • The left hand and the left foot are said to suck, like the two flaps of a door-hinge going to together.
  • If we only move one flap towards the other flap, it is called to stick.
Punch to the Ground
  • Don't allow the fist to reach outward, it should go towards the ground.
  • The waist stays inside the cylinder as we do the elbow strike and turn to the back.
Lotus Kick
  • Swing from the kua
Focus yilu training on the three things:
  1. Size
  2. Clarity (Thjnk of a slide show instead of a movie)
  3. Rotation
Overall, train the core power of the kua to achieve the things above.

The constipation story.  Others don't even have poo. We have to go through a threshold.  We are getting stuck, when we can come out without breaking the rules.

Rotation is parallel to being an immortal. There is no immortal, i.e. there is no rotation.  Rotation is a result.  Immortal is someone who conquers all human things, but you need to dead to really do that.

There is no rotation, we only work towards rotation. Rotation is an aspiration.

Stretch is there all the time, and stretch leads to rotation.

Rotation is a result of a series of stretches.

Positive Circle is explained with 3 stretches.
  1. In-with-elbow: The anchor is at the point that the hand is pointing at.
  2. Turn-with-waist: The anchor is behind the back.
  3. Out-with-hand: The anchor is at the rear foot.
The full Positive Circle has 9 stretches, 9 joints in 9 dimensions (this dimension is not the dimension in physics).