Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Oct 14, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

Whatever it is that you know, the truth is not like that. Whatever you don't realize, accidentally it is the correct thing.
Step back with whirling arms
Accentuate the stretch to squeeze the front hand out

物极必反 - When something goes to the extreme, it reverses itself.  When yin gets to the extreme, it becomes yang, or vice versa.

Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar
The 3 solids
  1. Move the right hand out and lock it.
  2. Move the left shoulder back and lock it
  3. Move the right elbow down and lock it
Last count:
  1. Turn the waist to the left to cause the right hand to go out.
  2. The inflection point is at the right shoulder.
Single Whip
  1. Use the shoulder to open the elbow in small change palms three times.
  2. After the left heel shovels out, the two kuas need to move in a way that they are opposites to each other, and there is an inflection point between them. If we touch the two hands at the middle fingers, and the two palms face different directions, we need to make them each of them change to face the opposite direction, so at the end they are still opposite to each other.
White Crane
Left elbow needs to go over the shoulder vertically between two walls.

Inflection Point
This is what we need to go over in a 3D manner.

Old Train - Crank Shaft, getting stuck and unstuck. This is what out real moves need to be like.

Dantian Neizhuan 丹田内转  is what allows it to go to the other side.

Getting stuck and just need to add a little bit to go over.

Brian Chung has precise movements and is missing just a little bit (catalyst) to give it life.

To go from 50% on the one side to 50% on the other side, there is less than one to make it go over.