The importance of note-taking

Why do we take notes and share them on the website?
  1. Listen to the teacher
    Master Chen Zhonghua often reminds us to take notes. This is also an exercise of listening to the teacher. Write regardless of whether we want to or not, and then post the notes to the website.
  2. Reinforce our memory
    Our memory is not very reliable. There are so many messages in each lesson, if we don’t write them down, we will soon forget them. Taking notes can force ourselves to review the content of the class and strengthen the memory of the material. After the knowledge increases in the future, the notes can also be used for comparison and know whether the latest understanding has changed from the previous understanding.
  3. Know our gap
    What we heard may be different from what was meant by the teacher/instructor. Sharing on the website can let the teacher/instructor know any gap in our understanding and correct it.
  4. Identify any missing pieces
    Sharing the notes on the website allows students to identify any missing pieces among themselves. They can also be used for discussion after class.
  5. Generate traffic for the website
    Keep the Practical Method website active and current. This increases everyone's interest in coming back to this central hub of learning.
We should take two forms of notes:
  1. The original exact words/terms that the teacher/instructor used. This serves as the concrete basis for development of understanding.
  2. Our understanding at the time of taking the notes.