Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Sep 28, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

We started with the various foundations. Master Chen Zhonghua mentioned that we must be able to copy the external shape first, e.g. he must be able to recognize which foundation we were attempting to do.  If we were doing the yilu, others must recognize that we were doing a Chen Style Yilu, and then a Practical Method Yilu.

Master Chen checked each person's double positive circle, as that was where we focused on the previous foundation class.  We need to continue to train to use the kuas to initiate the action without the movement of the arms and hands.

We then moved on to double negative circle. The first one was with the two arms in synchronous motion (Double downward squeeze). The hand never came back, and must stay outside. The elbows must come back over the top, and the hands go out from the bottom.  The two hands are driven by the dantian being pull downward. As the elbows are pulled in, the dantian also comes up. We also added the turn of the waist. As the elbows come in, turn to the left. As the hands go out, turn to the right. Those directions can be reversed.

For the second double negative circle (Fist Drape Over Body), we must not move the arms. The boomerang shape of the arm must be kept. Master Chen instructed to add power on each elbow-in, while the kua is also required to meet the elbow without collapsing the knee on the same side.  A common mistake is that the elbow becomes a horizontal move, where the forearm is going across the chest.

With Gora and Zeela's help, Master Chen instructed them to show an application with Fist Drape Over Body. It is very difficult to make sure that kua goes forward while the knee goes backward.

We also practiced "Turning flowers and playing with sleeves" from Cannon Fist. We have to turn 360 degrees, jump off the right foot, and land on the left foot on the same spot. I was spinning out of control. I later found out that I had my lower back not straight in the air. Master Chen will check on our progress on this move in the next Monday foundation class.