Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Sep 30, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

Master Chen started today's class with a story and a method people used to remember things precisely.

The story was about how the Secretary was corrected by an old person on the details of an event. The Secretary referred his speech to a document. However, it turned out that the document was incorrect, and the audio recording had the truth as pointed out by the old person. In today's society, we rely on a lot of documents instead of trying to remember things in our heads. If the documents were actually recorded in correctly, we would have the facts incorrect.

In the old days, information was passed down through chants, or poems with rhyming words. People recited these chants or poems. It would be more difficult to be incorrectly passed down as the meaning of the text and the sounds of the words have to make sense.

In the Chinese culture, there was a famous 3-character poem. There are also other forms, e.g. 5-character, 7-character poems.

The following people received yilu corrections:
Sergey Schepin
Candra Lo
Chris Martinez
Felicia Fong
Gora Nebulana & Zeela

One important catagory of movements was emphasized: Pumping down to cause a horizontal expansion.

This was illustrated by "Fist Covering Hand Downwards (Xia Yan Shou Chui)".

The right arm must maintain the boomerang shape. There is no movement in the hand and elbow, there is no punch (in the normal sense).

We need to open the right kua, and the right armpit.

For the beginners, we must segment the movements, similar to writing block letters instead of cursive.

In general, the steps of learning yilu are:
1) Getting the external shape and choreography correct (Others looking at this form must recognize that it is the Practical Method Yilu).
2) Once the external shape is solidified, more restrictions will be added over time.

Ultimately, nothing moves, there are only rotations.

A physical advancement is created by locking one end of a stick and rotation the other end over.