Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on Sep 24, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

Several students' yilu were corrected today:

We need to maintain the central vertical rod through out. Other actions can not affect the central vertical rod. Being able to keep the central vertical rod separate is said to be in good spirit.

Master Chen Zhonghua recited a story from Grandmaster Hong. Mei Lanfang 梅兰芳 had the neavenly voice, by comparison, everyone else is like a cock's crowing. Yang Xiaolou 杨小楼 had the perfect martial art movement in Beijing Opera.

When training we do low stance to strengthen out lengths, and make ourselves more stable. It is more stable when the bottom is bigger than the top. When one has finished learning the choreography, the next stage is to train in a low stance.

We relax at end of each move when doing yilu because we are supposed to have peng throughout. However, we may get into the situation that our body is crooked, and we just need to adjust before we move on to the next move. Having peng is basically like being stiff. When your opponent touches you, he thinks that you are strong, but does not understand why you are strong.

Initial Closing Correction
After the kick, we normally just do a rotation to the left. To use it, you actually need to make a large step up led by the left foot before the rotation.

Second Closing Correction
After the right foot goes backwards sneakly, we need to use kua (not shoulder) to cause the rotation on the front (left) shoulder-kua-line.

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