General vs Specific

October 6 at 8:12pm
Master Chen:
I really enjoy your teaching and would love to be able to study with you one day. I find your style of taichi refreshing as you explain things clearly with a scientific reasoning behind it. You seem to have the "real" stuff. I am so tired of trying to wade through all the esoteric talk of chi and abstract concepts which can create much confusion in this wonderful art of taichi chuan.
My main question is this. How is it that the other Chen stylists of the Chen Fake lineage never learned the specific and distinct concepts and style that you teach? Was something withheld from them or was something discovered along the way from your masters that wasn't transferred to others?
Thank you!Gary
My answer:
Zhonghua Chen October 6 at 9:38pm
Thank you very much! I can only answer you in a different way. My master (Hong Junsheng) said to me when I was leaving him (China) that the way to distinguish whether a person has the transmission (specifically we were talking about his lineage and about how to identify another disciple of his as there was no certification system) is to see if that person has the specifics (details). The specifics have to fit into the whole system. In other words, the outsiders only know the general concepts; the insiders also know the specifics. Thus Chen Fake, "Every move in this form is useful. Every move is either a circle or part of a circle."
I hope this helps.
Chen Zhonghua